Who Can Get Ripped?  Who Can Get Tone, Flat, Sexy, Six-Pack Abs? 

Seriously--YOU CAN!  All it takes is a little knowledge, will power, goal setting, & perseverance. You CAN DO ANYTHING, when you put your mind to it and GIVE it YOUR ALL.  This is true with fitness goals AND life in general.

What are you waiting for?  Pick your favorite KNOWLEDGE BASED EBOOK below.  This will help get you started on the right track.

-------Don't forget to take before pictures.  Sometimes you make small gains and the old picture helps put it into perspective.  Also, it provides you with a constant reminder of where you are or where you were AND it's a reminder that you want to change.....This is huge.


Top 4 Programs to Help YOU Get  Flat, Tone, & Sexy Abs



#1 The Truth About Abs
Diet Rank: #1
Product Quality :
Price: $39.95+ BONUSES
Calorie Guide: Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Reasons: We rank this product #1 in the Ab Training & Getting a Flatter Stomach genre.  First and foremost, this teaches you to forget about the  5-10 of the most common fallacies that are preventing you from getting the sexy stomach you desire.

Not only does this teach you why you don't have a nice six pack stomach (yet), but it teaches you why doing abs or obliques exercises does NOT burn fat away from your stomach and love handles... Instead, discover which exercises accomplish this MUCH more effectively.

You'll also learn how to blast through your plateau and continue to make progress by working through all 8 levels of abdominal training progressions and much more. 

The bonuses that come along with this program are AWESOME (Smoothies for Athletes, Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success ebook10-Minute Full Body Stretch ebook, Plus 5 more exciting ebooks)

The Truth About Abs also has a MEN'S VERSION and a WOMEN'S VERSION. 



#2 How To Get Ripped Abs

Diet Rank: #2
Product Quality :
Price: $77
Calorie Guide: Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!

Reasons:  This is an Excellent program and the only reason it's not at the top our our list is because of the price point.  It's a little more costly that our first choice. 

This too, teaches you to break away what you THOUGHT was right, but has more than likely been holding you back. 

You'll also be taught Inferno Cardio AND get triple the benefits compared to what you're doing now.

You'll also get the low down on theStart SPECIALIZED MELTDOWN TRAINING  Program & much, much more.

Check out some of the killer bonuses that you get:

“Meltdown” Training Manual, The Ultimate “Exercise Index”, The Exclusive “Lean Bodies Meal Planner”, and much more.


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#3 Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
Diet Rank: #3

Product Quality :
Price: $59.95
Calorie Guide: 60-Day

Reasons: Burn the fat, feed to muscle is a sound exercise and weight loss book. An e-book that has been created by bodybuilding champion Tom Venuto, it attempts to teach people all aspects of losing weight while gaining muscle.

Focusing on building muscle can be a good thing as you will burn more calories, however sometimes the ultimate goal of people looking to lose weight is not to become full of muscles, rather thinner.

Burn That Fat is very comprehensive, with 100’s of pages in content.  This can be both good and bad as it can become very difficult to understand what direction you should take after reading unless you take notes.  It is lacking a solid diet plan system like our higher rated products.

This is a quality book and does contain 6 bonuses which do add some value.  It is our #4 ranked product


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#4 Turbulance Training
Diet Rank: #4
Product Quality :
Price: $97
Calorie Guide: 60-Day

Reasons: The Turbulence Training workout program consists of a 6-week introductory program, and a 4-week intermediate program in addition to the 16-week advanced training phase.

This is a high intensity, low volume type of work out.  If you have ever been to the gym, it is like doing very heavy sets with low repetitions that will build muscle mass much quicker; however it is not entirely practical for those that are looking for low impact, low intensity exercises.  This book is more geared towards people looking to become athlete versus the person looking to lose that stubborn fat with their boot-camp-esque workouts.

These techniques will help you get fit and will work if you try them, but the rigorous nature of the work-outs may not be good for everyone.  All of our top 5 diets do cover the importance of gaining more muscle to increase your overall metabolism and calories burned.  This is very important and is the premises of this book.

Overall this is our 5th favorite dieting product on the market and the deluxe version does include 10 bonus guides, so it is still a great product.  It is a little more expensive at $97 than our other products, so this cost may not be suitable for all.

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